頂級Slava  Ultra伏特加 (Slava Ultra Vodka)於伏特加發源地-烏克蘭切爾卡瑟(Cherkasy, Ukraine)-以100%純手工方式、小批釀造而成。使用品質最佳的小麥芯及黑麥芯,經過4次蒸餾後與甘甜天然水混和再慢慢過濾至最佳純度。 Slava Ultra極順口、細膩且優雅,絕佳的味道,不管是單喝還是當雞尾酒或馬丁尼的基底酒都再適合不過了,用Slava Ultra調成的雞尾酒或馬丁尼口感極佳,絕對令人驚艷!
知道頂級Slava Ultra伏特加的人一定知道Slava Ultra是世界上最好的伏特加。
頂級Slava Ultra伏特加是專門為Don Ernesto品牌的台灣市場所製造,Slava Ultra是台灣區獨家商品!
Slava Ultra有出冷凍版包裝,三角型較矮的瓶身讓您可以輕鬆放入冷凍庫冰鎮頂級Slava  Ultra伏特加 (Slava Ultra Vodka)。

Slava Ultra Premium Vodka is a hand crafted in the Cherkasy region, the historic birth place of vodka. It is made in small batches from the finest centre-cut, four times distilled rye and wheat spirts, blended with artesian water, then slow filtered for extraordinary purity. Slava is exceptional smooth, with a subtle taste and an elegant finish. It is superb when taken neat and creates cocktails and martinis that are clearly superior. For those in the know, Slava Ultra-Premium is the best made vodka in the world. Slava Ultra Premium Vodka is made exclusively for Don Ernesto for the Taiwan market. Freezer Friendly Bottle, the shorter triangular bottle easily fits in your freezer.


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